Quid Pro Quo

Character: Fiona Ankany

Directed by: Carlos Brooks

Written by: Carlos Brooks

Produced by: Sarah Pillsbury, Midge Sanford

Cast Members: Nick Stahl, James Frain, Jessica Hecht, Dylan Bruno

Released date: June 13, 2008

Genre: Drama, Mystery, Romance

Duration: 1h 22min

A semi-paralyzed radio reporter is sent out to investigate a story that leads him into an odd subculture and on a journey of disturbing self-realization.


→ A strange new American dream.

Character’s Quotes

• People who get off on braces and wheel chairs are called devotés. They’re a joke, they’re the bottom rung. Above them are the pretenders. They wear the braces, they push the wheels, but they don’t *belong* to their chairs. Still, if they want to fantasize, that’s their choice. Then there are the wannabes. You saw how crazy they are.
• I’m just thinking how easy it is to get used to a miracle.
• I used to think if aliens landed, and they saw all the able-bodied people, and then they saw the people on their wheel chairs, they would say that those must be the kings and queens. Because they have special ramps, and they never have to get up.

Script developed by Never Enough Design