Running Scared

Character: Teresa Gazelle

Directed by: Wayne Kramer

Written by: Wayne Kramer

Produced by: Andy Grosch, Sammy Lee, Stewart Hall, Michael Pierce, Matt Luber

Cast Members: Paul Walker, Chazz Palminteri, Cameron Bright

Genre: Action, Crime, Drama

Duration: 2h 2min

Mafia flunky Joey Gazelle is ordered to dispose of the guns that killed a pair of policemen. He hides them in his basement, where they are found by Oleg, the kid from next door, who uses one to shoot his brutal stepfather, a Russian mobster. The boy runs off, and Joey pursues him into the criminal underworld, desperate to retrieve the incriminating weapon. Meanwhile, corrupt detective Rydell is following Joey's trail with his own agenda.


→ Its Find The Gun, Or Death ..
→ If anything can go wrong, it will – and at the worst possible time
→ Ready. Aim. Run.
→ Every bullet leaves a trail
→ It’s Not How Far You Go For The Truth. . . It’s How Fast You Get There.

Script developed by Never Enough Design