The Boy in the Striped Pajamas

Character: Mother

Directed by: Mark Herman

Written by: Mark Herman

Produced by: David Heyman

Cast Members: Asa Butterfield, Cara Horgan, Zac Mattoon O'Brien, Henry Kingsmill

Released date: November 26, 2008

Genre: Drama, War

Duration: 1h 34min

During World War II, 8-year-old Bruno and his family leave Berlin to take up residence near the concentration camp where his father has just become commandant. Unhappy and lonely, he wanders out behind his house one day and finds Shmuel , a Jewish boy of his age. Though the barbed-wire fence of the camp separates them, the boys begin a forbidden friendship, oblivious to the real nature of their surroundings.


→ A timeless story of innocence lost and humanity found.
→ Fences divide, but hope unites.
→ A story of innocence in a world of ignorance
→ Lines may divide us, but hope will unite us…


♦ Vera Farmiga, who plays Bruno’s mother, is shown wearing her wedding band on her right hand. In Germany, this is correct, and it is an excellent and accurate detail.
♦ Vera Farmiga is the only American actress in the movie.

Script developed by Never Enough Design