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    Stars Michael Vartan and Vera Farmiga join TODAY to chat about the second season of “Bates Motel,” a TV series prequel to the horror classic “Psycho.”Farmiga calls the new season a “deeper, wackier, more intimate exploration” of severe family dysfunction.
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    Oscar-nominated Vera Farmiga explains how she went from pursuing ophthalmology to acting - and how she got her little sister Taissa to join her in showbiz
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    Oscar-nominated actress Vera Farmiga talks about the new TV show “Bates Motel,” a “Psycho” prequel in which she plays Norman Bates’ mother. She describes the series as “a tremendous love story between mother and son.”
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    Taking the reigns for the first time as director, Vera Farmiga conveniently found her younger self at home when she cast her sister Taissa in 'Higher Ground.' Hear how big sis talked her into it and learn how Taissa is now off and running with Ryan Murphy's "American Horror Story" and other projects in the works. Hosted by Oliver Trevena.
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    Actress Vera Farmiga talks about directing her first feature film.