• Dated: June 19, 2018   |   Duration: 01:00
    Shana Feste interviews Vera Farmiga.
  • Dated: June 19, 2018   |   Duration: 01:28
    Boundaries star Vera Farmiga discusses pup co-star Loretta’s bad habits.
  • Dated: June 21, 2018   |   Duration: 09:32
    Shana Feste, who wrote and directed 'Boundaries', and stars Vera Farmiga and Lewis MacDougall stopped by to chat with RT about how the film helped them work through parental issues of their own and what makes working with animals so challenging.
  • Dated: June 21, 2018   |   Duration: 04:06
    Promotional Interview for "Boundaries".
  • Dated: April 18, 2018   |   Duration: 02:13
    The more LAURA tries to set boundaries in her life, the faster those lines are crossed. Her 12-year-old son HENRY is in trouble again at school. Her own penchant for adopting stray dogs and cats threatens to overwhelm their Seattle home. And her phone keeps ringing with calls she refuses to pick up—from her estranged father JACK. Maybe Jack will stick around. For Laura, the chance to accept, forgive, and heal will never go away.
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